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There are more girls than you think!

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I´m 21 and I think it would be nice if more girls were on the site, bu tyou guys are always helpful and nice ! Thanks for showing us ladies that it isn´t always the jerks out there with nice cars!!!! lol By the way, I´ve had my little green baby since she had 27,000 miles on her ( I think mileage matters more than years for cars. lol) and she´s currently rounding 73,000. :cool:
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Ok now I realize there is more girls than I think.
Can you send me some pic of you and your ESCORT
nice to hear from you...btw, give us some pecs on yer car...what year and such...pic of the car would be great also...check mine out http://www.cardomain.com/id/93egtinlr[addsig]
lol, i got a few pics of my car too...but i´m more interested in sendin u pics of myself...lol
Guys... get your hands out of your pants. geez.If you wanna see my POS click on the blue part of my signature. There´s lots of information and pictures of it there that i´ve gathered about my 92 ;-)
Plus my new block that i acquired last saturday afternoon. :-]
u uuuuuuuuuuuu look at u tryin to act all mature to impress her...lol ahh ahaha...

18-03-2003 at 21:35, 92gt5spd wrote:
u uuuuuuuuuuuu look at u tryin to act all mature to impress her...lol ahh ahaha...


I´m not trying to act mature, I am mature. (most of the time)

Besides... I´m not dating anyone, and I don´t plan on dating anyone soon, ESPECIALLY from the internet. I´m not desperate, but apparently I´m the only one that isn´t.
I just hate to see grown men act like teenagers that think with what they sit on. ;-)
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Kinda funny how you refer to your car in the effeminate form.

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Hey hey hey....Ever going to be out this way in AZ let me know. I´m 22, single and looking for a girl that´s into cars ;-)

so what size are ya? 13x7, 17s or Dubs?? hehehe
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And guys wonder why chicks don´t hang out on car sites.... ^

I´ve yet to see a forum full of guys handle the rare female with any maturity. I know that if I entered a website and people were more interested in the size/pics/intricacies of my dick than what I had to say, well, I´d promptly quit talking to them (after getting a few phone numbers of course). I can´t speak for EscortGrrrl, she may like that attention, I´m just speaking from years of experience in seeing girls chased away from otherwise male oriented websites by the males.

(I think mileage matters more than years for cars. lol)

[/TD][/TR][/TABLE] I think car care matters more than mileage or age. My friend´s 250k+ mile immaculate gold 320i (which he recently took to a driver´s school at VIR) is a testament to that. Fix´em when they break, change the fluids on schedule, drive them often and drive them on a good long road trip every now and then (helps to keep carbon buildups to a minimum) and you´ll own it and be proud of it until the rust gets it or it collides with something.
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well said Beaverboy . I fully agree , we had another young lady join us and all of a sudden there is a barage of posts that make it seem like some of these guys have never dealt with a woman before . Ive seen a lot of this in my long and varied career , and one thing seems to be a constant ; it don`t impress the ladies one iota !
I agree with beaverboy and EZH. Alot of ladys don´t like that, trust me I have found out the hard way :-] I am glad to see another lady thats interested in cars though around here and say welcome aboard.
Pretty funny pic though...but honestly I´m not a ´boob´ guy...never have been. But, my friends introduced me to this girl (now a good friend of mine), the first time she heard the Escort blow-off she smiled and did the "fuck yeah" silently said. Back when I was pushing like 1psi she could even hang with me in her 99 Civic EX. And best of all...the most fun I´ve ever had with her was spending the afternoon changing our oil in our cars then replacing sections of IC piping on mine.

Too bad she´s now taken :-| :-[ But I am really happy for her :cool:
:-? Thank you gentlemen for leaping to the defence this site´s women contributors - you are quite right that most would not be too impressed (a few might well be). If I found some baby-oiled female draping herself over the bonnet (hood) of my car, I would hand her a bucket of soapy water and make her clean it up!! (that would apply equally to bodies of the male variety) PC or what!!!! :-D
and all I was interested in were pics and stats about her car....lol...I´ve got plenty goin on wihtout thinking of trying to pick someone up here...
lol...guys i aint all like that, i just think its funny to start stuff is all....besides...my g/f wouldnt like me hittin on other chicks...
but if ya do wanna see pics of my car u can go to photos.yahoo.com/bignachopaco... one car in there isnt mine so dont think it is...lol
I have Escort pix too:


maybe I´ll share a couple of me too ;-)
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