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#UPDATE-Performance MODS:
Ported Head & Intake
IntakeManifoldRunnerControl Deleted Plates
or RPM switch SPI Controller
3.8L TB
5.0L MAF
COLD air Intake w/ Pod filter
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
High Performance Fuel Pump and Fuel filter
Quartz Crystal Fuel Line MOD
OBX Headers
Hi Flow Cat and Muffler
Spec Stage 3 Clutch
Performance Tires & Wheels
T3/T4 Garrett Turbo
External Wastegate w/ dump pipe
CBV or Diverter Valve
Turbo Timer
Boost Controller
Megasquirt II for high PSI
FordRacing #42lb Fuel Injectors:rage:

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I was looking around on zxtuner and I found a BlackBox that hooks up to your PCM and adds up to 16hp at full throttle to the 2.0L's. They say it's one of the best performance mods you can add to your escort for under a $100. I was just wondering if anybody else had seen it or has it and what you think about it, so check it out: ill be here:sleep:
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