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Good day to you sirs. I hail from various points of residence including, but not limited to: the treeless village flatlands of the extreme northwest corner of Indiana between the Chicago suburbs and Lafayette; The lovely countryside of rural Wabash Indiana, nestled between the 3 reservoirs; and currently in Michigan's Great Southwest.

back home, a ford escort was a nice and fancy car. When I got my newest one - a '97 - the neighbors all came over to see it. But my current place of residence is populated with lexus and H3 drivers who believe that the center turn lane doubles as a merge lane :mad:

So here my car is a mediocre junker, even though it is the newest one I;ve ever owned. Ah yes, my car; it is a standard '97 escort. Nothing fancy, not even a CD player, which is fine with me because I use a 20 dollar mp3 player with a transmitter set to FM88.1 ;)

I'm on my second escort now. My first was a '93 lx wagon in 2003 with the same amenities my current one has. When I was able to get the fuel economy up to 34-36mpg with the '97 I knew I had found my car. It died at 196k miles with a busted oil artery somewhere inside it, a brake system whose malfunction is still a mystery, and a transmission that refused to acknowledge the circle around the letter "D" next to my console shifter, all within 1 week. I am confident though, that it would still be going if 30k of the miles it had weren't put on by my brother.

So here's the answer you all are looking for: No, I'm not here to offer my expertise, I'm here for yours. :lol:
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