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the other erdt board

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You know when someone comes along with a product to help out or make an escort look better you should be treated with respect.I myself have had a discussion with slapyo i believe and we agree on this if there is proof for a product then it is ok to post.This other board they lock out the forums so you cant even get info and they dont care about the product or even try to find out if it is for real i think something out to be done about that i think everyone should post on the forums allowing people to have a right what to post and what not to post.yes i am new to the boards but i have a history of custom cars i am not a 16 year old with a first car.I am 30 although i dont care to tell everyone my age in this situation i think it is necessary anyways go over to their board and let them know that you the poster have the right to ask questions not for them to govern what they feel they should lock and not lock they are all a bunch of friends who dont do anything for anyone
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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