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I'm starting this thread for various reasons in no particular order.

1.) Parts counter people are sometimes not the brightest people around.
2.) There are a lot of simple posts dealing with "What fits my car/engine."
3.) As a resource for OEM and Aftermarket part comparison.
4.) If you know a part number, sometimes you can research part numbers and get equivalent parts elsewhere much more cheaply.

So, this is how it works:

The thread is devided into each of the cars systems. All part numbers will be located under the appropriate heading. Be sure to identify who makes the part and the full part number. To save space, not everything will be added right away, so if it belongs under a different area please specify.

Gaskets and Seals

Front Main Oil Seal - Victor Reinz (Dana) / Napa - JV 954
Oil Pan Seal - Victor Reinz (Dana) / Napa - OS32519

Matt 8)
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