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Hi pplz ! Hope you're all doing fine today !

This is just a few words to remind you to pay attention at where you may be parking your car, cauz a damn school bus ran in my pick-up truck after I parked it in front of my house...Geez, i guess i'll have to get the job done by a pro cauz there is a lot of stuff to do to the body...since the three different body panels where hit.... 8O

http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/v ... 428&page=5

Here is the link to some pictures i've taken...now let's hope the insurance of the bus company will pay for this mess!!! I'm not very angry...it's kind of funny....unless they won't pay...then i'll be MAD!! :twisted:

Ciao All, and pay attention to your babies :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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