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The Guide to (U.S.) 1st Gen cylinder heads.

Discussion in '1st Gen 1981-1990 CVH' started by scortster, Nov 30, 2004.

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    Yeah, I'd like a paper copy too, but CDROM would be useful for me as well since I like to copy illustrations from websites and paste them into my Word documents where I make notes about my work on my Escort. I just searched eBay and Amazon for a paper copy, but found only CDROMs.
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    So I know this is a old Post but I have a 1989 lx with a 1.9. I am replacing the head done this before on a 1987 I have. The casting numbers on my 89 with a bad head are RFE8EE-A7A. I wasn't paying attention and got a head with the casting numbers of RFE7EE-D7E. They appear to match and look the same. From what I have gathered the only difference is the RFE7EE-D7E is a little older but doesn't have a roller cam is that correct. I'm just making sure this will work
  3. UnexplodedCow

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    I had an E7 head once that came factory with a roller cam, from an '87 model year 4 door Escort GL, I believe.

    The best advice I can give on that is to compare the lifter guides between the two heads you have. If they're identical, then you have two roller head cams, as the E8 will most definitely be roller (rare, but it can happen).
    If the E7 head doesn't have machined tops on the lifter bores, then you would have a non-roller cam head. The lifters can swap over, but the keepers are the real question. I know swapping roller harder into a non-roller head has been talked about (the cams, lifters, valves, and springs all fit), but the only question are the keepers themselves. If they fit over the lifters from the bottom of their stroke to the top, then there's no reason you can't swap the roller cam into the non-roller head.

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