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Hello my name is Bill and I had to use your forum last night. I have been turning wrenches on trucks and cars for several years and I'm currently in college.

So last night I hit a nice bump going to fast in my 96' escort. I went to push the gas pedal down and nothing! I was freaked because I'm have to go 700 miles in a few days. I checked everything and there we no signs of visible damage. A buddy came and towed me back to school with a strap. It was 2 am and I checked out this site.

Typed in "sudden no start". The forum came on alternators, CPS, and the inertia switch. I had not even thought about the inertia switch because I didn't think it was that bad.

Well I went outside, opened the back, popped the cover, and pushed on the fuel switch. . . CLICK!! I was very excited jump in the front seat turned the key, heard the pump, turned it over and . . . VROOOMMM!!

To say the least I was extremely excited. Thanks for this site. Its made me a very happy person. :wink:
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