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The Brits are Coming!!

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:cool: Welcome Mk6siRoss!! Good to see you, saw your comment in the showcase. I have visited EscortEvolution - good site. Perhaps the members here would be glad to see the back of me!

Couldn´t you pursuade some more UK ´scort people to come to this site as well, it is supposed to be a ´worldwide site´ so we shouldn´t let the NAms have all the fun!! I have a lot of laughs here and although US ´scorts aren´t the same as ours, it really doesn´t matter as their owners are just as daft! ;-)

Hope to see you around here often. :-]
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here is the link

escort evolution

and let me say there are some tight cars on the site, i want them :-Y
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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