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Thanks to all the folks who respond to questions from those in need. Just by searching the website I have been able to diagnose and repair my 1994 LX with the 1.9l engine. I had a coolant leak. I could not find the source until searching the archives I learned there is a block plug located behind the flywheel. Using the site again, I learned how to pull the half shafts and tranny to get to the plug. Boy was I glad it actually was the source of the leak. Next issue was a idle and stalling problem. Used FEOA and was thinking IAC valve which I cleaned but no go. As the problem started to go beyond just the idle I figured "not IAC". Hmm, back to the web site. Vacuum leak? Tried PCV and elbow, Nope. Intake manifold gasket? YES :D Carb cleaner test showed where. Couple hours later back on the road and running great. I also did the heater core with help from the website. I feel like I am getting to know the car pretty well and may be able to help someone who needs it like I have been helped. Thanks again all.
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As you now know this site is the cats bum. I am glad you found intake leak as I believe 90% of the idle, power, oil leaks, and stalling problems are related to bad intake gaskets, especially with no codes or check engine light.
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