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Test Drove a Wagon

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yup I did.I always wanted a wagon.and though it´s old it is straight.Though they haven´t maintained it very well.I think it even has the stock plug wires it came with in 89.I took it on the freeway and it hit 85 no prob. They only want $350us for it so I´m gonna get it first thing tuesday.I figure if it has something really major go wrong with it I´ll pull the motor,strip the interior, bolt a damn tow bar to the bumper and make it into a custom teardrop painted to match my car.Or drop it on a ranger 4x4 frame and call it good.Or cannibalize it and build up some of my spare parts stock.Either way I win.If it´s all good I´ll put all my I.C.E. in it and use it for a toy.
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Where do you guys get all this money to throw around!!!!
, i can bearly fill my tank!
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lol! But, heck, I´ll contribute $50 to see an Escort wagon mounted on a Ranger´s chassis! Call it the Ranger Rover.
, that would be kinda sweet
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Well the jerkoff sold it.He coulda called to see if I would have paid more cause I would have.Oh well I did get a little burnt on lookin for rims though I couldn´t find something that really jumped out at me so I´ll keep rollin my faithfull 15´s till either I get a really sweet deal or, something shows up that fits and I want em real bad.Oh well, so I went to the auto parts store and bought a bunch of routine maintenence crap to burn up some time.And next it´s on to the bone yard!
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