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Temp Gauge from a 95 LX - Warm

Discussion in 'Reference Material' started by Yoda, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Yoda

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    Written by zzyzzx:

    It's a 1995LX warmed up temperature gauge. Perhaps you could make a more generic thread with sample pics from as many Escorts as you can. This pic is asked for often enough and even within the 1991-1996LX Escorts, I do think there might be two different types (with the difference being the lettering).

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  2. zzyzzx

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    Baltimore, MD USA
    Just replaced my thermostat. The old one was a regular Stant (195 degree) and the new one is a Stant 45820 (Superstat 192 degree). It has made no difference in what the gauge displays, even though the car does worm up quicker and the heat works better.
  3. denisond3

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    south TX or northern VA
    From the 1991 through the 1996, the temp gauges varied mostly in how wide the lettering was that said "NORMAL" or "TEMP". And the arc between the two end lines got further apart. So it seemed to me like Ford was trying to make their non-accurate gauge suffice for wherever the needle pointed to. On my 94LX the gauge pointed about where Yodas illustration did. Putting in a new eng temp sensor changed it, brought the needle up to where it pointed between the R and the M in normal.

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