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tearing shit apart

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so this afternoon, James92 comes over to my apt and we deiced to rip apart my 1993 Escort GT. well all hell was happening. while James was taking shit off the engine, im on the backend of the car ripping (literally) the plastic panels in the trunk and pulled out the tail lights. Meanhile, James is up front unbolting the valve cover, ripping the headlights, corner lights and whatever he can pull off before it got dark. right before we decided to call it quits, we decide to tackle the dash. well we got a bit pulled off (and having hella lots of fun doing it). James was "learning about his car" as he said while unbolting shit left and right on the passenger side, while i was cussing at the gauge cluster trying to get the sucker out (broke the clear cover on it). well i couldnt get the bitch out, but i did have lots of fun and James got to "learn" about how to take stuff off in case he needs to on his 92 Escort GT. i had fun and so did James.

we got quite a bit taken off, with more to come off this week hopefully. i will post the stuff in the For Sale section once i get everything cleaned up good.

OOO forgot to say...boy was the GT engine pretty fuct up. oil in one of the cylinders (which James is think from a gasket that wasnt put on good) and whoever did the rebuild job, did a piss poor job said James. he showed me and i agreed. oh well. it was a fun and exciting 2 hours of learning today. :-D
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no problem James. still plenty of "learning" to do whenever you are ready :-D
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