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Taurus Forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doohickie, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I knew people that raced the old 6s, and they used quite a few
    V8 parts on them. If they used the truck engine for a basic
    casing then they will bore waaay out.
    Red Andrews ran one that was like 305 Cu.In.
    This was in the 60s tho. Altho I do remember Red's car
    having a 68 Mustang stock car body welded into one piece
    and bolted on for a "Run What Ya Brung" 1/4 mile dirt race.
    He just drove around the Hemis, 440s and 427s with his little 6
    riding in a frame from a 32 coupe with a stock front axle
    transverse rear spring with an early 4-link in the rear and
    a cage that wouldn't pass tech for a 1/8 mile drag strip today.

    Ah, the good old days.

    How did we survive them?
  2. Doohickie

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    Fort Worth, TX
    Except for the low miler, that's basically my wife. She takes the car to the dealer for virtually all the service and she does whatever they recommend, which at times, costs more than it should but the car literally runs like brand new and it has 78k on it, so I'm not complaining. I would much rather have her over-maintain it than under-maintain it. In the old days, I would try to keep track of the maintenance myself and do most of it, even on her car. But I missed too many oil changes and tire rotations so when we got the Escort, she started taking care of that for the car she drove. Everyone once in a while we get a major "routine maintenance" of $400 or something st00pidly expensive, but I decided long ago that as long as she's doing it and I don't have to worry about it, I keep my mouth shut.
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    8O Is that the factory tranny? Got a Taurus sitting in my driveway, on its 2nd one. And it eats starter motors for breakfast...and lunch....and sometimes as a midnight snack. It also seems to spit out various parts and fluids at random. Drained the entire tranny (2nd one) dry in a day, hasn't leaked since though. Haven't had the head gaket problems yet though (knock on wood). Of course I can't go offroading in it like I used to, any major bump sets off the stupid kill switch.

    This all remind me, when this car gets sent to meet is maker what items should I be pulling off for myself, other than the 3.8L throttle body. It happens to be a 90/91ish 3.8L wagon, I happen to have a 97 LX Sport.

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