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Taillight seals

Discussion in 'Exterior Modifications' started by Lizzie94, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Lizzie94

    Lizzie94 FEOA Member

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    My taillight seals are shot. Took the car through the wash, popped the trunk shortly after and got an unwanted shower. I haven't been able to find the seals by themselves anywhere. Have you guys been able to locate them, or did you just make your own?
  2. novanutcase

    novanutcase FEOA Member

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    A quick search didn't yield anything so the only thing I can say is either pull one from your local pick and pull junkyard or find someone that will pull one when they go to a pick and pull junkyard. I can do that for you but it won't be cheap since I have to disassemble the entire rear end lights. Also, since they're used, I can't guarantee how long they'll last but I always try and find the best conditioned parts in the yard before I pull them.

    You can PM me if you're interested.

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