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I hate my stock tach. It is horrible. It fluxuates while cruising in the higher rpm band, and is off by well over 700 rpm near redline. Many times i have seen this tach go to 7700-7800 rpm when I damn well know that the engine won't go past 7000. I have for the most part completely stopped even paying attention to it, simply because i do not trust it. So my question to you is..

Is there any easy way to fix this, and if not, does anyone have any pictures or suggestions on how to TASTEFULLY install an aftermarket tach? If anyone says "get a 5" tach and screw it into the center of the dash" i'm gonna flip out, because this escort is by no means my race car (i wouldn't even do that to my poor race car).. i just want something that'll actually tell me when i'm about to redline, since i have been raggin' on this car i have now for quite a while and have yet to find a rev limiter anywhere. Pics would be awesome, as i want to see how other went about installing theirs.. preferably 2 5/8". thanks fella's.
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