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I am wanting to put in a big white faced tach in my car, but I already have one in the gauge cluster. what do you guys think, would it look stupid to have two techs in my car?

I am actually wanting to mold it into the hood like in the late 60´s muscle cars.

Justin GT :-Y
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Although I don´t care what you do to your own car, that´s the definition of rice. It´s kinda like putting a tach in an automatic, why bother? :-?

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I dont think it would be too "rice" if it was molded into the hood, but otherwise, very "rice". Thats not really my thing, but if you like it, go for it.

And whats wrong with having a tach in an automatic? If your using nitrous, its kinda good to have to see when you get over 3500 rpm.
I had the same deliemma... I got a killer deal on a sunpro 5" phantom tach, and I declined cause I already had the tach in the cluster.

In my eyes, the best compliment is when I can show a person my car, and have them say:

"So what did you do to it?"

The cleaner the install, the more "factory" you can get it to look, the better imo. I don´t like the look of cars with aspects that don´t fit the rest of the car, so example, painting only the gauge section of the dash a bright blue when there is no blue in the rest of the interior or exterior... it just rices out your car.

I would suggest possibly getting white gauge faces in place of the stock ones. A clean install will look factory and enhance the look of the interior, without having large tachometers all over the dash, and having to cut holes in the hood.

My 2 cents.

And whats wrong with having a tach in an automatic? If your using nitrous, its kinda good to have to see when you get over 3500 rpm.

[/TD][/TR][/TABLE] That´s what nitrous window switches are for ;-)

Actually, I think the automatic trannies are pointless.. not the tachs.

Adding an additional tach will look stupid to me. Unless you were upping your redline (my engine modifications.. not just by declaration) to something that exceeds the numbers on your stock tach, your stock tach is slow to react and unreliable, or in need of tach recall functions.. I´d leave the monster tach out. A shift light will do the job and look better... besides.. monster tachs usually get in the way of your outside view.

I do like the hood tachs though, they make a lot more sense if you´re drag racing. They´re almost like HUDs, you don´t need to look down to see where you´re revving.. but of course.. if you´re drag racing.. all you really need is that shift light.. again.


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