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Tach Query

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Can anyone tell me why my tach would constantly sit at 3100 rpm regardless of what gear i´m in? If I rev the engine a lot it may go up 100 rpm but never more than that. When I turn off the ignition it goes down to where it should.
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what kind of tach is this? The stock tach in the instrument cluster? Or is it an aftermarket tach?
The tach has a sensor on the engine which is run by a cable...it´s probably loose or gone bad.
How do I locate this cable? The mechanic told me to beat on my dash cuz he thinks it may have seized up. Who knows!
You could look at the picture in a Chilton or Haynes repair manual. Should answer your question. Sorry I´m not much help, but I´m actually posting cause I don´t want to see your query fade away unanswered.

How bout it, anyone with first-hand knowledge where that cable runs, what it looks like, howta fixit????
Good luck 2fords...
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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