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go with the 15/16 front body mount bushing but i might need to be moded a little , read about it on this page at "clubprotege.com" i would check in 1st gen suspention and search for poly. bushings , i have a direct link to the post and the web page to order these bushing,, but the page is currently down for a moment
but i'm looking for a rear swaybar upgrade so i might be holding off on the RSB bushings

i have a 91 gt and im going to get these

15/16 90-96 Front Swaybar Frame @ Endlinks PART# 4.5141
97-99 ZX2 Front Control Arm PART# 4.3152
97-99 ZX2 Rear Trailing Arms PART# 4.7123
97-99 Manual Tranz PART# 4.1106
3/4 90-96 Rear Swaybar Frame @ Endlinks PART# 4.5140

heres a phone # to order 1-800-291-5340
heres a phone # for ?'z (209) 578-5101
the sterring rack bushings don't fit a 1st Gen Mazda Protege so it probably won't fit a escort either a person on clubprotege.com tryed to mod it to fit and had no luck and douts there's a way to mod it to fit.
hope this helps.
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