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sway bar info

Discussion in 'Circle Tracks' started by racerboy, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. racerboy

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    I found out the hard way that the escort wagon rear bar and the protege lx bar are identical. I read somewhere (I think on here) that the escort gt/protege lx bars (I'm guessing they are identicle, as all other suspension stuff is.) are hollow, and the wagon was solid, and that means that the wagon bar is stiffer. But both the protege lx bar is solid. That means I did tons of work for nothing. :bash: I had to cut the endlinks off with a torch because they were so rusted. Then I cut my lx bar in half to check to see if it was really hollow. But it wasn't. So now I just did all that work for no gain.

    AGAIN, the protege lx bar (And I'm 99% sure the escort gt bar) is solid, not hollow! So don't go out and buy a bar and do all the work for nothing like I did. :bash:
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    yeah, I have heard that claim for years, but wondered why Ford would go through the trouble to make an identical size bar, 1 solid, 1 hollow. I went with a wagon bar just because it was easier to find... but I took the hollow GT bar claim with a grain of salt.

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