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Swapping '89 RS Bodywork to '89 GT Possible?

Discussion in 'Exterior Modifications' started by //sen, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Hello all, I just bought a (I believe) stock '89 Escort GT hatch, and of COURSE I'm already looking for ways to improve it. If possible, one of the things I would like to do would be to swap the bodywork from the euro RS to the GT. I understand that the cars have similar wheelbases and widths (with the RS being a WHOPPING .3 inches longer and .5 inches skinnier than the GT shoutout wikipedia), I'm just wondering how much time one would spend reworking mounts and subsequently tearing hair out, and if it's even remotely possible in the first place. Looking at the cars side on, side by side, their silhouettes are almost identical so I (in all my non-existent wisdom) think it's at the very LEAST within the realm of possibility for a weekend warrior like myself. Obviously, I'd like some more opinions and info from people who don't have to rely on wikipedia for basic car stats before I say "take the piss" to myself and impulse buy all the panels and lights I'd need on eBay with money I don't even have (I wouldn't ACTUALLY do that but you get the idea).

    p.s. (this might be kinda META) if where I posted this is wrong or something like that, that's my bad, first post, new member, yadda yadda yadda pls put it in the right place for me big McThankies from McSpankies.

    TL;DR '89 Escort GT is kinda uggo and the RS looks better to me so I wanna re-skin my GT, can it be done.
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    wenatchee, wa
    wikipedia is wrong. the euro stuff is 100% different than that of the US. i have a friend here in the states that owns an 84 euro escort drop top. it is nothing like our 84's. he retro fitted with a lot of labor time period correct body kit on to his 86 gt. lots of fiber glassing and custom bracketry. i'm not here to say don't try. i'm here to say it's a major under taking.

    ps: the 89 and 90 gt's are lame. find an 86-89. they are much better looking. as they have a true body kit not just some skirts and a lame front bumper.
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