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Sunroof Dimensions?

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Does anyone know off hand what the dimensions are on a stock 91 EGT sunroof? I´m asking because I may buy one of those sunroof wind deflectors and I want to make sure it will fit. Thanx ahead.
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Well you could just go to autozone or a local auto parts place and say I need a sunroof deflector for a 91 Escort GT...they´ll be able to order the part specifically for your car. They did that for my headlight covers & rain guards for me and my moms Ranger...
Can´t do that because I´m CHEAP. I planned on buying it off e-bay so I still need those dimensions, mainly the width (from door to door). Thanx.
dude, just because you tell the people at autozone what you need, doesn´t mean they´ll order it and that you HAVE to buy it. i called and asked around when i went to get my rainguards. no one forced me to buy them when i came in the store and asked if they could put out an order. no shame in asking questions
I´ve got the power moonroof. I´ll get the dimensions later today - don´t know if they´re the same size or not but might help.
Ok I finally got off my lazy butt and went outside to measure it. The rough measurements for the stock power moonroof on a 91 egt are 33 in. (door to door) and 19 in. (front to back). Of course now I probably won´t buy the wind deflector as I am spending my money on polyurethane shifter bushings. I figured these would be more useful, plus I forgot that the moonroof already has a built in deflector which I like very much because of the shiny chrome!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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