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My friend IM'd me wednesday night & said our other friend couldn't go Saturday because he has fire training all day :cry: So that left an open ticket, so he invited me and of course... I said HELL YEAH I'LL GO!!! :D

So I traded saturday for monday at work with someone and now I get to go see Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp bizkit and am I forgetting anyone else...? in concert!!!

92gt5spd, I know you got backstage tickets and whatnot, wanna meet up before the concert? I'll have two of my friends with me and we'll probably be in a Red 2000 Grand am GT four door. What'd ya say? we're leaving here around 12:30 or 1 I believe which would put us in Columbus around 2ish. :D

I can't wait. this is gonna rock! :p
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