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Street racing club name??

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I want to start a street racing club here in my ´hood. What should I name it? The club will be off the hook!!! :-o People can join and show off their MaD StReeT RAcIng SkILLz. Holla back peeps! :-] :-] :-] :-]

Pimpin hard in the ´92 scort GT. HOLLA!!

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Do NOT start a street racing club. If fact, don´t accociate yourself with street racing at all. Too many people get hurt or killed do to stupid things like street racing. Please do not do this especially if you plan on using your scort, it will just look bad on everyone else. If you want to push your car to the limits or go really fast, why not try autocrossing, or go to a REAL drag strip. Its much safer and every bit as fun. Plus it doesn´t cost that much either, alot less than a ticket or wrecking your car. I sure everyone else would agree with me right?
Hells no I don´ agree... I know its wrong and dangerous to race on the streets, but you´ll realize when you try it that the high you get of it is incredible. On adrag strip all you proove is who has the bigger bank account under the hood, or atbest who can shift faster. Big F*@%king deal... When you do it on the streets you have to take into account more than just a green light. Like you said crashes cops and every thing inbetween gets in your blood. Races like this, where a drivers knowing how to take curves and pace lanes, are where Ford Escort LXs like mine can beat a Poniac GrandP. Hell... IDoDRuGS.... If you are willing to take the chance of killing your self, some one else, landing in jail or becoming broke do what you want. Just make sure you dont do something stupid and add to the bad reputation we "Street Racers" have.
And if I understood your comment right 2EGTS : "Please do not do this especially if you plan on using your scort, it will just look bad on everyone else. " I resent that...:-(
Lou Miami Street Racing
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For the record.....

iDoDuGRS.... You sound like a little Fast and the Furious wannabe... please dont be cause then every thing i wrote before would be worth shit.... If your not please dont be offended.... I have a big mouth... :-]
Yeah.........I´m going to have to say not a good idea. the fact that your name on here is "IDoDrugs" tells me that you´re probably between 16 and 19 years old. Which leads me to believe that your driving skills aren´t very good. I´m 20, I know I´m an ok driver, but not the greatest. Hell even the greatest have accidents. If you know nascar, you know what I´m talking about. (I don´t really watch it, but I know about it.)

When that first accident comes to pass you´re not going to react how you always told yourself you were. When I wrecked my moms van back in 1999, I actually slammed the brakes and shut my eyes. Didn´t help me as I slid into this Blazers´ bumper with my bumper, quarter panel, & drivers door. If I had just tapped the brakes and used the ABS I would have been fine. It ended up being his fault for pullin out in front of me, but it was still something I thought "damn it why did I do THAT??"

When they say you get tunnel vision, it´s true. I still have it when I´m sittin there with the stangs and Cavaliers beside me. The only time I didn´t have tunnel vision was w/ that durango last night, and to tell you the truth, I still couldn´t have told you what was in the right lane beside me at the light. If you´re going to street race every now and then I don´t care, off the light and to a certain speed, sure. but if you start a club the police CAN and WILL catch on and you won´t have a license for sure. Believe it or not, that´s the GOOD that comes out of getting caught. I saw on "true life" pictures of this guy who street raced in his Mustang GT, hit something...numerous times, and split the car into 3 pieces. horrible wreck. I think about that everytime I gear up to take on a car...which is why 90% of the time I just don´t bother.

All I can ask is Be safe man. We need as many scorts still out on the road as possible. ;-)
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Street racing clubs are for those to weak to go to the track, just as pathetic as tuner clubs IMO.
It doesn´t matter if you´re Micheal Andretti.. if you´re racing someone down the street and someone down the road decides to cross, ignorant of the two or more cars moving at illegal speeds, someone´s going to get hurt. So even if you think, heck, if you know that you´re the best driver in the world, don´t street race. If Colin McRae has enough sense to slow down when there are people around and the stakes are high, so should you! :-Y
race legal at the track. street racing isnt worth it. too many people get killed every year because of it. its not only endangering your life but others as well. its just not a good idea. race at the tracks where its safer AND legal. if you have a street racing club, you are only looking for trouble by the community and the law enforcement. it would give you a bad name and you could very well lose lots of things...like your life. reconsider your decision bro...
i´m surprised no one´s backed up the autocrossing point. screw the drag strips, they´re only good for finding your 1/4 time once in a while. street racing, being illegal, dangerous (sure you get a rush, but possibly rushed into jail, or the hospital as well), etc, but with autocrossing, you truly test your skill. dodgin cones may sound dull, but gettin around 3 setup hairpin turns right in a row really gets your adrenaline goin. and you can have the rush legally (just need a good helmet) for about $10-25 for an event. local events around here are relatively small, so we get as many runs in as possible given the amount of time we have, usually about 4 runs, each run a couple minutes of pure bliss. and you don´t need a souped up car with rally mods or anything, i´ve taken my stock LX about 5 times now, and i haven´t had as much fun in my life. anyhoo, that´s my novel of a post, take it for what it´s worth or leave it. go find some local motorsports clubs who do stuff legit, it´ll be worth your lookin
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Yeah Street Racing is wrong...take it to the track. Heck my club drives 120miles to go to the track.

But whatever you do, dont steal our roll: TachedOut
What is it you guys consider street racing anyways? Barreling down bettwen rush hour traffic at 60mph? Starting aat one green light only to see who flies through the next red one? Well thats not it. That the damn Fast and the Furious movie talking... Hell not even that.

I dont know about street racing outside of Miami, but here its much more than that. Sure you have your ass holes that do do all that you say but 95% of us don´t. The way it works is alot more controlled than you all seem to think. We have meets down here every week sometimes two or three times a week where literaly a hundred hooked up cars flood a parking lot to showcase their rides, and from there is where it spawns mostly.

Every real driver here knows every street, highway, and back road in the county along with the traffic times. As one of you posted that you drive over a hundred miles to a track, we drive out for some times hours to get to the places we KNOW are empty. Even though I hate to compare anything to the movie The F&F we do find empty streets where the only other possible people that could pass by are in squad cars.

Every one of us has been in a REALLY bad accident or had some one we know die in a race. We do think about this every time as you say. When we are going to have a random race at a light we think about it. Is there traffic? Cops? Its not worth it most the time, so as far as it goes is some playful reving and a little competition between lights and bass. I have had the luck to not have been in one serious accident but the lives of three of my friends have been lost. Terribly and horribly. We know that that roll cage we put in or could put in wont mean shit when we catch fire, and we know that cops WILL RAM us off the road even while in park. But then again we do train our selves.

By our selves or in groups. Few an alley or lot here doesn´t have tire marks from us fish tailling, drifting and spinning out to learn how to control our cars. We learn not to shut our eyes unless we know thats the best we can do, and then squeeze in a prair. I have lost control of my car at 100mph at an intersection done two to three 360° spins towards a row of trees, but I knew what to do. I have had ass holes cut me off at a race and slamm the brakes, yet not hit them.

Dont get me wrong like you say... at 19 I am a stupid kid with an addiction to cheap thrills and a like to being a rebel. I have done the racing in traffic that I just scolded, but never have I done something that I thought would bring the remote chance of hurting some one aside from my self. I´d be surprised if any of you read this entirely, much less take it seriously, but if you did think about it. I could sit here and tell you all that every one of you with an extra Mazda part or over sized spoiler is a wanna be ricer, but I wont. Why? Because I do try to see that not every one is an idiot.

Hell im confused as fuck with what I want to do with my car, speed or looks. Maybe its because I´m a 19 year old punk kid as you and my local police put it. But I know that what ever it is, it´s what I want. And what I want or any one else wants is always going to frowned upon by some one. Why? Because, just because.
Now let me stop rambling like an idiot and wrap this up. Don´t call all cops asshole, because I´m sure one, some where has to be nice. Don´t say all Hondas are slow, because one will beat you. Don´t say all girls give good head, cause one will have braces (sorry I know that was off topic, but I had an experience). And certainly for gods sake, never say all Street Racers are irresponcible and arrogant rooky drivers that are just out about to hurt some one 24/7.

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Just because you *think* you know what your doing, never forget about Murphy´s Law "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Even if you think you are being as safe as you can, there still can be something that happens that you simply don´t expect and it can end very badly. If you say that you´ve lost three of your friends do to accidents then you wouldn´t even consider street racing anymore. How many people have to get hurt for you to realize what your doing is wrong. Yes I have done some things on the road that I am not particularly proud of, but those things have taught me to repect the 2500 pounds of steel situated under my a**. I have push my car past the limits before and it isn´t fun. Its actually quite frightening to lose control of your car when you thought you were in control. Luck is what saves your a** when you lose it at a high speed, not skill, no matter what you think. The track is the only place racing should be done, because at least if something goes wrong there, there are professionals around that can help you and probably save your life. One more thing, I AM 19 years old and I have NEVER gotten so much as a speeding ticket or raced ANYONE on the road, yet I have been involved in two accidents. This just shows you how anything can happen no matter how safe you think you are being.
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I actualy stayed on line longer than I was going to to see what the reply to what I wrote was going to be, and let me just say I had it almost verbadom. This discussion could go on forever. I could point out that my friends deaths were uncalled for yet accepted because it was something they knew could happen and did any ways all in the name of enjoying them selves, like a sky diver gone wrong if you wanna use an analogy. I could also get pissed and rave about your insinuating that their deaths mean nothing to me, and start punching the keyboard harder as I type. To do either would be pointless.

Some things in life as I have come to understand, will never be understood by every one. Why do we have diffrent religeons, cultures, japanese cartoons, and republicans? I don´t know. Neither do you I´d bet. If every one belived Murphy to the fullest then who would leave their house? Shit... I mean if even thought one day that "Every thing that could go wrong would go wrong" I´d have to have my self commited. But if thats what you belive then I am in aw of your bravery for going out side to a world thats out to get you in every way.

My point as suddely sarcastic as it is: Don´t assume because you can not or some one you know can not do something that others cant. Don´t think that what one person considers moral or right is concrete. Reaslize that your views are diffrent than mine. If you have a point to make, present it. Don´t force it, or put down the other side of it. Remember, who really knows what their talking about. ;-)

Ohhh and by the way.... I dont do drugs... anymore.... :-]
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You know what´s even better? Bicycle street racing.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe not everyone on the streets has the driving prowess that you claim to have managed to somehow acquire in just 3 short years of driving? What about the driver who swerves in panic because some whiney assed 19 year old punk driving like a bat out of hell cut him off? Do you think he has professional driving skills?

Anyone who says they just have to accept the risks if they want to race on the streets is an idiot. Present company included. There is never any reason to race on the street. Nothing you can say makes it right. You are putting people's lives in danger - more so because you claim you have been gifted with driving skills. You know this and you still keep doing it. In the very unfortunate event that you are involved in a street racing accident that kills someone and you somehow through a rude twist of fate survive, I will personally see to it that the charges brought up are murder 1. You know the risks, yet you continue. Do not associate your insanely stupid and illegal street racing with FEOA or any other self respecting club for that matter.

And another thing - if you think you have impressed me or anyone with the "If you cant drive it, smoke it, shoot it, or make money off it, i dont want it." You are once again proving your immaturity. Both in what this tells us about your habits, and your lack of comprehension of the English language. Grow up, get a life and realize that you are not the only one on this planet.
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I´ve owned several Minis, an E-Type Jag, an MGB, a Rover 3500, various Vauxhalls and now a Scort - never had an accident (touch wood) never had a ticket (of course I speed occasionally) just never been caught & never, ever race, people here get stabbed, beaten up and shot in so called ´road rage´ attacks, just for racing other people away from traffic lights! - Lord, I sound soooo boring.

If you don´t care about killing or maiming yourself and other people (or at least consider the high is worth the low), don´t you care about your family when they have to identify your manky remains in the morgue?

I´m not a coward in a car, I would just rather be late than DEAD ON TIME!

TruBrit92Scort, 14U2C

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Hey Foxy, my wife loves you now, errr, your manner of speaking anyway!!!

NOTE: "And the accent that [you] must have."
Lou304SR, you´re remarkably literate for someone with that point of view. Usually it´s the guys that can´t spell who argue in favour of street racing. I respect you for making those arguments, though. It´s a good thing to exchange views. That´s the only way for a group of intelligent people to come to agreement.

But it looks like me and most of the other more serious car guys on this site aren´t convinced. So maybe we can convince you:

I agree, there´s nothing wrong with like-minded people risking their own lives for thrills. And you can do that in wheel-to-wheel racing at the track. But if it´s a public road, you´re risking the lives of people who don´t know they´re involved. There´s just no argument to justify that.

The fact is, there´s no way to control who´s near a public road.

- Rob

btw, I´m going ice-racing this weekend. Any of you Cdns who think you have to take it to the street because it´s winter are missing out on a whole lot of drifting -- and I don´t mean snow.
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14-02-2003 at 13:17, Rob-from-Ottawa wrote:
btw, I´m going ice-racing this weekend. Any of you Cdns who think you have to take it to the street because it´s winter are missing out on a whole lot of drifting -- and I don´t mean snow.


actually i am too! Regina ´attempts´ to hold a winter festival thing every year (past couple years have failed), but this year, the local motorsport club has been granted access to do some ice-dicing (autoslalom) on the man-made lake in town! it´s gunna be interesting to say the least... :-] too bad there´s only a couple ppl in SK from the feoa boards, and i´m the only one with a Scort (poor Nuke...but at least he´s lookin for an egt asap)

see, you can test your spinning control skills n stuff at local club events too
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