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Strange tire wear

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Does anyone know a possible cause for uneven tread wear? My rear driver´s side tire shows extreme wear just about an inch and a half back of the front edge with the rest of the tread being just fine. I also suspect i need my rotor turned on this same wheel cuz I hear a funny noise back there. Any input is appreciated.
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Maybe it needs to be aligned. the Camber or caster could be off, toe in could be off too. The tire and rim could be out of balance too.
Very possible considering how huge the potholes can get around here. Not to mention the fact that I never slow down for the speed bumps on my street! Take em like a man I always say.
true that 2fords. the park i go to do donuts when it snows has speed bumps and i fly over them, can barely feel them though. Finally, most of the main streets around here that are really bad are finally getting re-paved because of the complaints about pot holes the size of Texas.
Okay, I know what caster is, but what is a "good" caster setting for a 95 LX wagon?

I´m getting a set of yokohama touring tires next thurs, and I think that maybe my rear left rim is out of whack cause my car shakes.
Being the tire guru I´ve become here´s what I can tell you.
The second most common cause of "irregular" tire wear is loose or worn suspension components. I´ve found in the scort for the front tires its tierod ends and for my rears (the outsides are toasted) its from hitting intersection left and ride hand turns like I´m on the autoX course

The most common cause of premature tire wear (irregular and regular) is air pressure. You should honestly check your air pressure like once a week.

I guess the third is just bad tires.

Anyhow, how hard you push your tires will just aid anything that will cause bad wear. Do realize that I´m not a know-it-all...I just talk from experience. Besides working at a Sears, I get about 8 months out of a set of Kumho´s. I push hard into turns and run my tires just hard in general. I also have a bad left front tierod end and need an alignment badly because of it.

If the tire isn´t feathered, just worn in one place or another, the problem could be soley alignment. So if your insides are torn up, its probably camber and toe. If its the outsides its more then likely toe and caster.
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If the inside is chopped and you have a noise back there, give the wheel bearing a look. Bad bearing in the back will wear the inside edge of the tire.
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