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The Tokico S/R struts aren't really stiffer than OE ones (they are minutely)
The do have a shorter piston so it won't bottom out the same on a lowered car as the OE ones would. Thats to prevent the smashing of the valving when you would be otherwise bottoming out

The Top cap can be popped off so that the coil-over sleeve will go onto the strut body. It is just pinched on and a hammer and a blunt chisel will pop it off (don't get any "smashy-smashy" ideas now :roll: )

Just so you know......The S/R's also have a larger piston rod which is typical of all 3rd gen Escorts. So you will need the from thrust/strut bearings from a 3rd gen (3rd gens are plastic/ZX2's are metal....but the bearing internals are the same)

Yes.....Tokico got the contract to make all of the Escort struts. But not all struts are made equal. Just because they say "Tokico" on them doesn't mean they are anything great (the S/R's are black ....like in the pic....with yellow "L" and "R" stickers on them)

Blah blah blah.....I'll stop talking now :wink:
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