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Has anyone entered a stock Escort in any sort of SPL
competitions (e.g. IASCA, etc.)?

By stock I mean maintaining the existing speaker locations
and adding perhaps only one sub in the back.....

I'm personally wondering what type of SPL I could
achieve with just changing the stock speakers,
having an 'appropriate' HU and a single sub.

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From what (little!) I've read 140dB is possible in
'stock' categories for SPL competitions 8O .
I'd like to figure out how to get there, or even close
to it, assuming that I remain in a 'stock' class.

This is what IASCA says about 'stock' classes (on their
website, not from the official rulebook):

Stock 1- 160 square inches (no walls)
Stock 161 - 260 square inches (no walls)
Stock 261 + square inches (no wall)

The Stock Class will limit 1 amplifier and 1 capacitor per subwoofer and no more than 1 additional battery to be utilized. The vehicle interior must remain stock. The enclosure must be in the OEM cargo area and cannot be taller than 25 inches. OEM approved seats must remain in the vehicle. Seats cannot be removed for SPL testing. Rear seats must remain in the vehicle and can be folded down (if applicable). Speaker upgrades can be made in front of the “B” Pillar only for sound quality purposes. "

If this info is still valid, I'd like to target the Stock 1-160 sq. in. class.

So....any suggestions?

BTW, the target vehicle is a 93 Escort LX Wagon.
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