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Still having an idle problem

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Okay so I fixed the vac leaks on the intake to the inlet of the compressor housing but I still have a really irratic idle.

How did you guys hook up your IAC valve hose ? is it getting boost, is it to the box ?????

I just need to get the scort running right so I can drive down to phoenix this week.
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I wish I could help you on this one Blade. But first I have a question. I was wondering what you mean by IAC Valve hose? I thought the IAC was mounted on the Throttle Body. And last I knew, the IAC only came into play during idle, so you shouldn´t have any boost then, and even if you were gettin more air than normal the IAC should close a bit to compensate.
Check out the link. you can see how i hooked mines up to the VAF to compressor inlet of the turbo. No it does not see boots.

Pimp, in any 2g EGT the IAC valve has a hose that goes to just after the VAF. I tried not hooking it up, I tried plugging it...apparently this box has a restricter in it. So we hooked the box up but my idle is still irratic.

I´m wondering if it has to do with having a open atmosphere BOV, but I need to get the thing running right.
The only other thing I think that can cause my idle to be so messed up is the fact that my VAF isn´t level. its crammed down at an angle. I know the VAF has a "flapper" in it...just wondering.
If that´s the case, you can adjust the spring tension on the spring in the VAF.
If that´s the case, you can adjust the spring tension on the spring in the VAF.
Yeah, going to stuff like that is next up after we´ve looked for Vac leaks and stuff.
The BOV could cause a problem if it´s leaking, but if not then it only causes a rich condition when it opens. The VAF does sound like it could be a problem, I´ve never seen one mounted at an angle before, always flat.
Yeah, its at an angle because of the box. Does anyone have or can get their hands on one of the adaptor plates to change to a Conical filter ???

Yeah I understand the rich condition...when it blows the computer thinks you have more air then you have, so you end up with too much fuel. ....which right now, too much fuel is only helping me with boost and a stock fuel system.

Well, in my prob and stat class I thought of something else. I check valved everything on the car. on the left of the intake manifold there´s a vacuum storage canister, I wonder if I´m preventing it from holding vacuum?

For everyone that went turbo, what lines did you put in a one way check valve ????
zxtuner has the conical adapter its lik 15$ if that helps any
I can´t say for sure, but i kinda doubt that is the prob. There was a period of about 6 months, before i got my intake, that I had the filter screwed into the top of the airbox. To do that you have to pull out the bottom of the airbox and rotate the MAF 90 degree in the pipe, pointing the filter forward. It ran completely fine the whole time. I don´t know about rotating it other directions, but i would assume it would be the same effect.
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