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Steering Jump when A/C is on

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Hey guys,

Never heard of this one before, my 95 EGT tends to steer badly whenever I have the A/C turned on. When off, drives straight, but whenever I have it set to MAX AC, the car wants to jump to the right from time to time. Don´t know/don´t see how this could be suspension related. Perhaps a pulley issue? Anyone have a clue what this could be? Much thanks!
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It almost sounds like torque steer.Is your idle ok when you have the max ac on?It almost sounds as if your compressor is dragging big time and when it disengages the rpms jump causing the power steering to work at the same time as the torque hits the ground.
The idle is always a bit low, around 650-700, but is consistent and doesn´t jump around. Engine revs smoothly, pulls great. I modified car with an intake, header and exhaust shortly after purchase so can´t tell if it was that way before. Wouldn´t think that those additions would cause this problem however.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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