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starting problems

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hey everyone,
I have a 95 tracer 1.9L.
Recently, I need to crank my car for a long time before it starts. This isn´t all the time. Sometimes it starts right up. It seems to do this when it´s nicer outside, 60-80 degrees. Any ideas what could be wrong?? Anyone else have this problem??
Thanks guys,
Alex :-]
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sounds like a battery or charging system in general.
The next time it does it try this.

Cycle the keyswitch on and off about 5-7 times, then try to crank it over. If it starts after this, you got the same problem I had. You´re loosing fuel pressure somewhere. It´s either the check valve in the fuel pump, or the fuel pressure regulator. If I were to take chances, I would change the regulator first, it´s cheaper.

Matt :cool:
hey thanks matt, ill have to try it
My car is suffering from the same symptoms. Let me know if you find the problem, since this is quite annoying and it´s not good for the starter I´m sure.
This may be a little off the subject, but whenever i rev my engine and let off it almost dies out and when the a/c is on it´ll totally die out. Has anyone ever had that problem before?? ;-)
could be alot of things....

similar symtoms come from a worn timing belt.....bad plugs and wires...vacuum leaks...anything along those lines can do it...
while i have the tranny out i plan on inspecting the hell out of everything. thanx
def fuel pressure in mercs case my car has the same problem... just leave it in the on position for a bit before you crank it over and it should fire up... the guy with his engine dying could be from all those variables described.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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