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Starting Problems

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So, I made it to work today fine. Left to go get lunch but now the car won;t start. Does´t turnover but the fuel pump charges and all the lights, bells, and whistles go off. I need help . First off where is the starter ( which is where I think the problem lies ) and second is it hard to change it? Anyways, any other ideas as to what it could be would be helpful.
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The Starter is a Pain in the @$$. Its on the firewall side of the motor just down and to the left from the oil filter. (end of it is at the flywheel between short block and tranny.

Actually its common for the ignition switches to go in some escorts. Mine did. So if you toss in a new starter and it still doesn´t work that´s where you´re problem is.

Here is how I got around it the lazy way:
Run a wire from the Pos battery post through an inline fuse to a push button in the car. Then from the button through the firewall again to an aligator clamp that clamps onto the starter solenoid.

And Viola "Custom" push button start. So use the key to pressurize the fuel system, then hit the button.
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lol- "custom"

it´s not a problem, it´s a feature!
One of the coolest features I have...specially since part II of it is a toggle hooked up to my MSD box. So to start my car you have to flip the toggle, pressurize the fuel system, then find my button to start it.

Next step I want to shave my door handles. So, picture this...you see a scort on rims and when I get out you see all the electronics. I walk away you walk up thinking about stealing it....then you realize there´s no doorhandles after you jimmy the lock open. --DAMN-- Okay so I´m at my favorite grocery store buying my beer and its late, so you know no one would hear or see you break a window. You break the window and open the door. You pull your ignition tool to start it and start turning this thing and after 3 or 4 mins your realize that the ignition switch is worthless...so you go for the toggles and flip them on and off. You figure out (how I dont know but you do) that one will make the car start. So you flip it on and then play with the ignition...still nothing.

By this time you´ve spent: 1 min on door lock, 2 mins on breaking the window, 4 mins on ignition, 4 mins on toggles, and another 2 on the ignition switch again. So you open the door get on your knees and look under the dash... you happen to see my hidden push button start (not under the dash, but, freakin´ hidden). You hit the button and hear it crank. You keep crankin´ but nothing (musta forgot you need fuel from the switch that doesn´t seem to do anything). By this time you either give up for fear of being caught, or keep trying because your determined. If you figure out the combonation of toggle, switch, button its been almost 25 mins. If in 25 mins someone didn´t see you...or notice something (or I didn´t already get my beer), you´re good.

then you need to try to get out of a small hick town when your driving a 93 Escort GT on 17´s with an exhaust that hits about 120dB´s and blow´s off ....yeah steath-like or something.

<img src=http://mercury.pr.erau.edu/~bladej/escortweb.jpg>

Jason Blade, 93 EGT Turbo

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Yeah, I´ll 2nd what Blade said about ignition switches on Escorts.
Mine went on my 91 too.

Btw Blade that´s a pretty funny scenario you describe! LOL
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