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Starting Fresh

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As of Last friday, January 10th at 4:06pm i became escortless, and not being at fault, i´m going to obtain a large amount of money (or my car is NOT going to be written off.. if that happens, disregard this message)

well.. i found a black EGT (5 spd
) with no mods, and i want to start fresh, my first mods im thinking of are

-interior paint
-diff shift boot

any ideas how to start off?
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neon green pinstriping if there aren´t any graphics on it already. i would be sooooo jealous...and of course the undercar green neons to match
i want to make my viper like that someday...glossy black...neon green...:drools:
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screw the looks go for the speed and handling

New Intake
New Exhast
Turbo....or something like that lol
green pinstriping - about $5, maybe $10 if you use more.
and then yes, doe the speed stuff
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if all u want is looks then go for a lx r somethin, if u want a fast car then go fo r the gt,. leave the gts for us who want fast cars . just my opinion . good luck and sorry to hear about the death
stop with the ricing !!!and go with the racing!!!!
My lx isnt slow Ive got 114hp at the wheels and on 87 octange with 1 mod, chip.
Nuke, that black GT will be faster than your old one, simply because it is 5 speed. While I bet you´ll make it even faster eventually, I think you´ll be pretty happy with how it goes for now.
If I were you, I´d upgrade the tires and wheels to either 16" or 17". That´ll do a lot for both performance and looks I think. If you ask me, chrome wheels look way sharp on a black car, or maybe white powder-coated.
Good luck with everything, and hope they give you a lot of money!!!
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if u want to drag race u want smaller rims. and the stock gt rims are fairly light . aftermarkt rims weigh allot. just a thought
114hp at the wheels ? Have you dyno´d this. Usually the LX makes 88hp. And still my GT was stock with 127, and I think I was lucky to get 115 at the wheels.

I say if you ever want to go turbo...do fuel and timing before even getting the turbo....but just to start fresh without a though of forced induction....why not a new boot :)
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