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Starter placement on the 1.8?!?

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Exactly where the hell is this thing? I´ve just ripped my intake out and I still don´t see what I perceive to be a clear cut looking starter. is it inside the transmission case? the Haynes manual sucks and only has a drawing of it... :-?
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Ok so I jacked up the car and crawled underneith...it´s up under the lower intake pipes going into the cylinders by the freakin oil filter. Ford f*&king sucks. why would they put those two things back there like that? :-Y :-[
Ok since no one knows. I´ll tell you all. After I removed the intake along with it´s two side pipes, I removed the battery and it´s holder. Damn that battery was f´in heavy...anyway... there´s two bolts directly underneath the throttle body which need to come out, 9/16ths, those were a snap. Then you have to jack the car up (don´t forget to block the rear wheels and use stands) and crawl underneath it. if you get back far enough, behind the driveshaft by the resonator and look up, you´ll see the lower intake pipes, to the right is the tiny ass oil filter and just to the left of that is the starter, there´s ONE more bolt just underneath it holding it to the clutch housing. with about 3 or 4 inches of clearing, this is going to be the miracle shot. I´ve given up for tonight because the light is disappearing. But I vow to have this damned car up and running by either tomorrow or Wednesday! wish me luck! :-]
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try a stubby rachet see if that will work . be careful as I know falling starters are heavy . you`ll get it , I can hear the determination in your eyes . up and running by Wednesday ! Look out Ft Wayne , James is back! :-D
I used a 3/8´ths drive wobble socket....it is kinda a pain, but the reason the starter is there is because of the placement of the exhaust on the other side, as far as I can tell they put the exhaust on one side and the intake on the other in a small attemt to keep intake air temps down...plus if the starter were on the side with the exhaust, think of the pain in the ass it would be getting it out past the exhaust.....wait till you change an alternator...that is interesting to say the least....
haha yeah I noticed exactly where the alternator was as I was sitting under my resonator...shoulda heard the explicites coming from my mouth :-] I will get it tonight though. I was dead tired yesterday and I managed to get all of that done. I just hope the gear isn´t stuck onto the flywheel... :-o
Ya know, I didn´t have any problems with my alternator when I replaced it. It just kind of came right out the top after I un bolted a few things. It was pretty easy. Not quite as easy as a small block chevy, but still easy. Then again I have dealt with worse and am used to odd stuff.
LMAO I got my starter bolts all off and it wouldn´t move. i was like F*&k you do need to take out that bracket. so three more bolts later, i was having fun trying to take the ground and power wire off lol finally got those off and then the fun came trying to slide it out between my shifter linkage and exhaust pipes. but Mission Starter Replacement Phase I is complete! I now have a dirty old starter in my driveway. :-] I´m just so proud of myself. :-] :cool:
Yeh that starter is a B*tch....now imagine trying to replace the transmission and how much FUNNN i had. 9 hours later, pissed, proud and tired it worked. The freakin hardest part was the axles... Now i wanna take off my a/c compressor before summer hits, i´m afraid that one is gonna be a huge pain in the ole ass to take off..... Yeh the alternator is in the gayest part of the engine.... i heard from a shop that the passenger side axle has to be taken out..when ya take out an axle, ya gotta replace the seal and u have to drain the tranny fluid....wayyyy too much freakin work for that crap.
Yeah lookin at the starter from under the car it would appear to be too wide and tall to be able to fit between the oil pan and axle...I won´t be doing that anytime soon *knock on wood* ;-)
I meant alternator, not starter :-o
Oh...btw when taking off the starter, and undoing the 13 mm bolt, UNPLUG THE DAMN BATTERY FIRST. me n brian both forgot to do it and I about welded my ratchet from my starter terminal to his drive shaft :-o :-o
hehe WHOOOPS!!
yeah it was kinda funny. but that one spark that hit my arm was hot lol ;-)
Man watch those sparks.I once put a hole in a knife that I was using to strip a wire when it found a ground. It was cool lookin but not what I had in mind.I should have known better though.When I was a kid I was not allowed to smoke in my moms house and she would take my lighters so I used to short old rc car batterys to light smokes.Now I know how stupid I was to put my face next to a smoking 7 cell battery pack to light a cig.
:-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-]


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Thanks :-]
My suspisions were right, it´s buring some oil. I had a big ass could of blue smoke puff out my tailpipes when i pulled outta my driveway. not a lot, but enough to see. :-Y but damn it runs smooth(er) as fother muckin butta. ;-)

02-04-2003 at 20:03, James92Scort wrote:
Thanks :-]
My suspisions were right, it´s buring some oil. I had a big ass cloud of blue smoke puff out my tailpipes when i pulled outta my driveway. not a lot, but enough to see. :-Y but damn it runs smooth(er) as fother muckin butta. ;-)

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