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Squealing Noise from Axle/wheel/something??

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Hey guys, whats happening? Got a question for you.. Its a scraping/squealing, (hard to describe noise.) It occurs usually, after I have been driving for a couple of miles, and I come to a stop, or I brake heavily down a hill. What happens is while I am slowing down, or coming to a stop at this point, and Im going ~15 MPH or lower, the squealing noise starts up (might be localized to one wheel.. not sure.)It will continue while my car is in motion during this whole stopping process, but not only while I am braking. Then when I get going again, it will squeal as soon as the tires begin to move, and will continue until I am going about 15 or 20. Then it will cease. But it will usually then happen for the next few stops, and it becomes really loud during some turns (typically left-hand turns) and sometimes it will stop after a little while. It´s extremely annoying, and bothers me alot cause my wagon is faster than 6-cylinder mustangs...and sounds like shit when this happens.

It´s a 1993 Wagon, the noise has been around a few months, I replaced the brake pads 2 weeks ago. I have flipped through my book and think it may have something to do with the front axle, CV joints, or wheel bearings. Or do I need to add grease somewhere, if there is even a spot? Please let me know your opinions, as I need to fix this before winter hits. Thanks for the help guy!

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By any chance were the brake pads on the drivers side worn more than the ones on the passenger side?. If so you may have a caliper sticking. I would also make sure that the brake hardware was in good shape. Put some of the brake quiet goo on the pads and such. also check the CV boots. are they split or cracked. If so you may be able to get by replacing the boot but I personally replace the CV joint if the boot has been split long enough to throw the grease out. Let me know what you find.
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