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SPI problem

Discussion in '3rd Gen 1997-2002 2.0L SOHC' started by therieldeal, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Northeast CT
    me: hai thar
    jessy: oh hai
    me: how r u
    1:30 PM jessy: psh i'd be better if my car didnt shit the bed
    me: oh shit wat happened
    i haz escort skillz
    1:32 PM ?
    jessy: well
    i was going down the highway
    and it started shuttering
    and when i hit the gas
    it make a clicking noise
    1:33 PM then i pulled over and shut it off
    and it wouldnt start
    1:36 PM so i brought it in to a shop, well had it towed
    and they replaced the spark plugs and wires because one of the wires was fucked up and the ignition coil was replaced because it wasnt getting spark or w.e
    1:37 PM and theres low compression in my first cylindar, so they're working on that and trying to figure out the clicking and shuttering
    which i think might be my timing belt or distributer cap or something
    1:40 PM me: well it doesnt have a distributor cap
    how low is the compression?
    1:41 PM jessy: no idea
    enough to give my engine a skp
    me: sometimes those motors drop valve seats
    but thats almost always cyl 4
    any check engine light?
    jessy: no
    1:42 PM that's what was weird
    1:46 PM me: hmm
    1:47 PM well if they try to tell you its something really expensive you can give me a call if you want and i'll let you know if it sounds like they are trying to fuck you over
    so it does run? just has a nasty miss?
    1:48 PM jessy: well that's the thing
    they said they fixed it
    so i went to get it
    and it was still running like shit, granted they got it to start, but it was still shuttering even while it was idleing
    so my uncle called their owner
    and he got them to say they'd fix it free of charge if it wasnt my complete engine
    1:49 PM but if they cant fix it i'll def give you a call
    yeah it starts, i can drive it short short distances, but it runs like fucking hell
    1:50 PM me: hmm and still no check engine light even now
    thats odd
  2. EscortLX97

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    Toa Baja, PR
    Have fuel pressure checked if it has never been done replace fuel filter.
  3. win0857

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    Jon, does the check engine light come on with the key on, engine off? if not then the light is burnt out and if so there will be codes to clue you into what is going on. Also the 98 shop car ( the grey one) dropped a valve seat 2 weeks ago with no warning and no check engine light.
  4. therieldeal

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    Northeast CT
    unfortunately i dont have the car to work on, it is at some shop somewhere. i was just trying to help her diagnose it a bit, since the shop seems completely clueless. either that or they are feeding her BS because shes a girl, idk.

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