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speedo gauge

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i stipped out my interior but left the carpet and dash. Took out my gauges to replace the faces, then reinstalled them. Now my speedometer doesn´t work!!! I´ve placed the needle back on in every position, but it wont move and the mileage doesn´t roll. Anybody know whats the problem here?
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If your speedometer doesn´t work that MIGHT mean something probably isn´t connected to it. Usually there´s a wire that goes down to your transmission which also controls your odometer, if it isn´t connected your speedometer will sit at zero, or it could be the same thing my uncle had a problem with... when he had his transmission rebuilt the shop had found the gear that connects to that wire sensor wasn´t spinning because the gear was stripped so his speedometer wasn´t spinning anymore. But since it worked before you took your faces off then it´s probably the wire going to the tranny. I think it´d be a good idea to take apart your dash anyway just to check on all those things and to get to the bottom of this.
ok i found that wire and plugged it back in. The speedometer was working fine for a while until i shifted into 4th and then it quit and went back to zero. I rechecked the cable and it was still in there. whats wrong now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Was it an electrical wire, or a cable that you plugged into the back of your speedo? If it was a cable, then there is a piece on the inside that spins. If this piece gets broken it won´t work anymore. (Obviously) Anyway, you might want to take it apart to make sure everything is still intact. If it was an electrical wire, trace it as far as you can to see if it is broken anywhere. The electrical one have a speed sensor in the tranny that generates the signal for the speedo, where as the cable type are linked directly to the tranny via the part inside the cable.
it was a cable but there are wire attached to it via a small black box on the cable. nothing appeared to be broken but i guess i´ll take it apart and have a look at it. I bought the haynes manual and that doesn´t even help.
ok, its definitly not my gauge. I took the gauge out of the car and ran it and the cable coming into the car wasn´t spinning. I checked to make sure it was still attached to the tranny and it was. I guess its something inside the transmission
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