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Speed Cap???

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Does anyone know if there is a speed cap on my car? If so, what is it? I´ve hit 110 mph before, so I know there´s not a cap up to that point anyway.


95 ´scort LX Hatchback 5-Speed 1.9L - The nut behind the wheel seems a little bit loose.

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I´ve seen somewhere on the web that its 130!
Wow, 130!!! The speedomatere don´t even go that high. I don´t even know where i could even test that theory out at.
Your right the speedo doesn´t go that high. I doubt the car does either. Unless your going down a really steep hill
what´s 155kph (i´m guessing since spedo doesn´t say, and i had to slow down some before i was clocked @ 140 for the resulting ticket
) in mph? this was at around 3800 revs, maybe 4000. that´s the highest i´ve brought it
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I´ve said it before, and I´ll say it again, There NEEDS TO BE A METRIC CONVERSION THING ON THIS SITE.
hmm.. just because your speedometer goes to 120 doesnt mean that your car cant get above that.. my speedometer only goes to 85mph and i have gone all the way to the beginning of the odometer. i have read before that the technical top speed for escorts is 120.. but i dont beleave this to be true.. my friend´s 02 mitsubishi lancer has a technical top speed of 115mph.. but we have taken it to 130mph before.. so, i believe the same could be for the escort..

also remember that you might have to disable the speed governer to get above 120mph
Every 25 miles per hour is 40 kilometers per hour. go ahead and do the math.
well my 94 gt has bumped the rev limiter in 5th gear. doing the math that is somewhere around 145mph or so. I wanted to check for that very thing and a friend had a 89 supercharged T-bird. A good draft makes a world of difference. as soon as he changed lanes I dropped speed but if there is a speed limiter I´ll be darned if I found it. btw that car was never meant for speeds like that. gets a little loose and feels about as solid as a tricycle.

On 2002-11-21 08:08, James92Scort wrote:
Every 25 miles per hour is 40 kilometers per hour. go ahead and do the math.


i was just under 100mph then. i don´t highway drive at all so i´ve not had a chance to go higher
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