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Speaking of the WRX...

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I was skimming through the posts and saw allot of convo about the WRX. I actually know someone here where I work who had one at one point, fully loaded and painted a beautiful deep blue. After having it for only a few months, he decided to run a street course with the car. Well, unfortunately to say, he managed to roll the car, totalling it and breaking his arm.

It was a sad sad day that day.
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I would say that would be a sad day. Did he get another one? I would give anything to have one of those cars. There is just somthing about that car that really does it for me. Especially if they do bring the TSi to the states. By the way anyone know where they are made??
Thats ashame I would run out and get another one right away. my 91 gt looks the same as yours except for the rims and the clear corners. But the color and th etint are the same. Thats cool I don´t see man y that color.
Thanks for th correction james, TSi was the talon. Yeah I would buy it in either blue or yellow my self.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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