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Something is wrong.

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Okay, I need help on this. I have a ´95 LX wagon. I know it´s supposed to be slow, but every few days, ´slow´ is an understatement. Like today for example.

The car starts well, but like today, I back out of the driveway, put it into drive, and step on the accelerator. It´s kind of like slow motion. The intake gurgles more than usual, and the car goes nowhere really really slowly. It doesn´t feel rough or anything, just like there´s no power.

This only happens every few days, or once a week, but it´s really getting annoying, because I know the car isn´t that slow.

If anyone has had this happen, or knows what the problem could be, please help.
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Okay, it´ll probably be different from a GT, but I´ll try some of those things. It´s not like the a/c is turned on tho, because on a good escort day, i can turn that on without any power problems... as for the suggestions:

1. Clean/Replace air filter

Cone filter looks good, only got it a few months ago...

2. Examine cap, rotor, wires and plugs

New plugs, my car no have cap/rotor, wires though... would they cause that to happen every few days or so? doesn´t happen all the time..

3. < >> <---?
4. Check vacuum lines

I´ve checked everything I can see, hose clamps, vacuum lines, hoses..etc.

5. Get better gas

87 octane is bad? I am so poor though. Same thing, would this cause the problem all the time, or only on occasion.

6. Check fuel filter / lines

Will do.

7. Check mileage for oil change, and weight of oil contrasted to outside temp that night. (the 10Dub30 doesn´t like it when it gets a little too cold that night)

That night was pretty nice, oil change is due, but problem occurs whether oil has been changed recently, or left for a year, doesn´t seem to have an effect.

8. PCV valve (I dont know why...just is an easy check)

Replaced that and the little elbow tube recently.

9. Watch your temp (is the thermostat acting up, or the IACV ?)

Temp is okay, Slow coolant leak from rad (REALLY slow). Only overheats in the winter.

Could the O2 sensor cause this at all? I completely powerfoamed the motor, that made it stop ticking, but didn´t do anything for this problem. Car was good today though. Yesterday I was getting really pissed at it.

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Didn´t figure it out. Now my check engine light is on. Not all the time, just sometimes. It´ll come on for a few minutes, then go off for a while, then it´ll come on again...etc. It can be on and off in a few minutes, or stay for half an hour. No specific times, no specific situation. On the smooth highway it can come on and off, and on bumpy roads it can come on and off.

Do you think it may be a loose sensor? Is my lack of power maybe related to this? Any and all input is appreciated.
I don´t have the stock intake pipe...mine is new, only got it last summer.

Well, I finally decided I´d had enough of my car whining all the time, so I got a code check done on it. These were all the problems:

MAF contaminated
IAC valve messed up, recall on that.
O2 sensor dead

I´ll try to replace them someday....
Hey Skuce, you wanna help me fix my tracer? It needs a lot to pass the safety, and it smells bad!

Actually, It only has a couple of small floor holes, needs frt brakes, a whole load of stuff...wheel bearings...calipers...

I´m getting the list later today. I´ll post it up here if anyone feels generous enough to help.

I´ve got a can of carb cleaner, so I guess I´ll be cleaning out my MAF later on as well.
How do you post pictures?
My check engine light went off, although I didn´t do anything to fix the car. Now the battery light´s on. Does anyone know what sort of warranty ford alternators have? Mine was just replaced in ´99 and now it´s broken again.
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