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Something is wrong.

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Okay, I need help on this. I have a ´95 LX wagon. I know it´s supposed to be slow, but every few days, ´slow´ is an understatement. Like today for example.

The car starts well, but like today, I back out of the driveway, put it into drive, and step on the accelerator. It´s kind of like slow motion. The intake gurgles more than usual, and the car goes nowhere really really slowly. It doesn´t feel rough or anything, just like there´s no power.

This only happens every few days, or once a week, but it´s really getting annoying, because I know the car isn´t that slow.

If anyone has had this happen, or knows what the problem could be, please help.
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My niece´s LX had the CEL come on and off like you mentioned. Change out the O2 sensor...about $40.
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