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Something is not right

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Well interesting past 45 min, my sister calls me and tells me there is a yellow GTS driving around the car spot so I head over of course i see not Viper, but i do see a 427 Cobra kit car, anyway since last sunday my car has been running like shit Brian can attest to that, it has been dying while driving and dying while idleing and everyonce in a while while i amdriving i would give the car gas and it would sputter kinda like a miss and the tach would go nuts, well tonight it was the worst it has ever been luckly it died while i was driving down my street so i coasted home. when i tried to start it, it would not start on the first 5 tries finally it started but when i gave it gas it died, i finally got it in the drive way with it starting and dying. My dad thinks it is the ignition. Any help would be apperciated.
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My car has done this a couple of times also....I´m interested to see what everyone has to say about the possible causes...
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