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Want To Buy Some Stuff I Am Looking For

Discussion in 'Canada Classifieds' started by Mikey27, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Bowmanville, Ontario Canada
    So I have a list going of things I need, would like, and am possibly dreaming about...right now I am pretty broke, and don't really have any extra cash to spend (as the story always goes) but I figured I might as well post the stuff I am looking for in case someone has something that they have kicking around and they would get rid of for cheap/cost of shipping.(more**'s=more important.) here it is:

    -----For My ZX2 S/R

    *O2 sensor bung*

    *charcoal drivers mat*

    *shifter pivot bushings*

    19mm maybe 21mm rsb with poly bushings and mounts(don't need drop-links)*

    poly bushings for stock rsb

    wheel spacers

    Mfactory LSD (or any lsd that replaces pos original spiders)

    *3in 3 bolt flange x2*

    *2 bolt flange to match zxtuner header*

    poly rack bushings

    Boot on the tranny for the shifter, and sensor/switch closest to it

    -----For the girlfriends ZX2 ( 98 )

    *antenna wire & antenna**

    *crank timing gear washer (the one behind the timing gear)


    full set of charcoal interior parts(I have a set of S/R charcoal seats for it)

    trunk popper button

    Cheap key-less entry(already one wired in but its terrible and doesn't disarm half the time)

    small coolant tube (passenger side lower by the serp belt)

    cheap S/R ecu or chip for ????(have to check)-Found CWQ3

    stuff to convert to newer ecu and keep ac (I need to do my research)

    Really cheap rds

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