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well did my first autocross. here are some pics of it. I took second place in GS class. i was with 2 tegs, a sebring and something else, I can't remember. The sebring beat me, btw. A little cutie came in 3rd with an Acura Integra that had custom paint and her dads race slicks. Her dad had a Subaru WRX STi. Hopefully i see her at the next one so i can get her #. she took off this time before i could talk to her more. dang.

Anyway, aside from my new love intrest, heres the auto-x pics. ill throw up a few of em. for the rest just go to my site. (its in my sig)

btw-i got some brembo rotors and hawk pads coming in the mail, and i'm saving for some rims.[/url]
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