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Yes, I've sold my gt because I didn't want to pay insurance and plates for two cars. Im buying a house next summer and since my new car is not a porche I don't need 2 cars.

Anyway, I sold my egt for 1000$ (canadian) to my girlfriends sister. The car had 181 000 km and was in great condition. Me and girlfriends father we counted how much money I put into the car and it's turns out I spent 7000$ dollars in repairs. Since the car cost me 1500$ this turns out to 8500$ for owning a car 2 years and doing 50 000 km... I know the car is not going to break for a while now (exept for the original clutch).

She's got big plans for the gt and a new paint job is in progress. I sware when I was signing the papers to her I had a tear in my eyes because I really loved that car and I don't regret one second of owning it.

PS: Thank you to everyone who's ever help me with my problems and listening to my endless complaning all the time that my car broke again.

Thank you all for you support and help!
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