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slave cylinder ????

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i bought a 91 mazda protege today for $400.
the trans is good but it want go into 2nd 4th and rev.
im thinking the slave cylinder.....maybee release bearing.
any ideas????
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will it not go into gear at all or will it go into gear and then just pop right out when you let out the clutch. If it just pops out after letting out the clutch it is your synchros.
it will stay in 1st 3rd and 5th with the clutch ingaged but i you cant put it in 2nd 4th or rev at all.
That doesn´t sound like a slave cylinder problem to me. The slave cylinder will extend the same length no matter what gear you are shifting into, and therefore it will disengage the clutch the same amout no matter what. Same with the throw out bearing, it will affect all gears equaly. Sounds to me like there may be internal damage. Either that or there is something blocking the shift linkage from being pulled backwards see as how 2,4,and R are all on the backside of the pattern.
maybee i will get lucky and it will be the shift linkage.
i dont get to crawl under it until tommarow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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