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ok here it is. this site is privately owned and maintained by 2 private parties. being that the site is privately owned, no terms of agreements need to be shown when signing up. some sites have it, some don´t. the larger corporations are required to have it though.

but back to us, the little private site, we don´t jump out and lay down rules. basically it is an open forum/site where people can post/read stuff. all we ask is that common sense be used when making posts. however, recently there have been posts with excessive cussing/threats on them made by multiple users. we set new rules out saying not to cuss or make threats. this site is huge, just look at the statistics of it. we get hits from across the world and we have even been featured in a number of newspapers. you guys have no clue how many interviews i have done for newspapers since the site has been up and running. we don´t need all the extra cussing and crap that comes along with it. enjoy the site, talk amongst each other and have fun. that´s what the site is about.

here is what it comes down to regarding "terms of agreement or service":

privately owned site, we don´t need one when you sign up. we don´t need a rule sheet either, we are not your parents, you are old enough to know right from wrong. we do expect the rules to be followed without question when we ask. this doesn´t mean that you can´t politely ask why a rule was implemented, go ahead, it can be discussed. and to wrap everything up into one sentence, if you don´t like what you have here....then leave. it´s really that simple.

the number of rules we could implement is rediculous, but we don´t because we figure you guys can handle yourselves. so let´s leave it at that.

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