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Hey! can you delete my old folder and put my new pics in a folder for me? I got some decent sized pictures now. Thanks man! :-]

Edit: I mean in the carshowcase. lol sorry

Red 92 EGT 5sp 91,200 Fixed! By Me!The Red Cavalier Killer

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i havent heard from donny (in the forums) for the past couple of weeks....
I checked and he was just on when I typed that. but I hit send and went up to home and he was gone :-| Oh well, either him or egtdude will be on sometime soon and they´ll see this. ;-)
1337 admin h4x0rz never around when you need them...
;-) :-]

lol j/k guys, i luv j00z!

(yea, i´m in a pretty 1337 m00d tonight for some reason...Nukewater knows why...ehehe...) :-Z
*bump* hey now it´s in the group with another gt. don´t know who´s though. lol Slap, egtdude? help a post whore out here? ;-)
I can´t seem to move photos from one almbum to another. I deleted the ones in your folder so just re-upload them. which photos should be deleted out of the misc foldeR?
off the last page you mean? delete the two pics of the red car, side and front and the MTX amp/sub and the engine block picture. those are mine. I´ll re upload them but they won´t go into a folder so you´ll have to move them into one.
lmao, im here ... just super busy with school and work. not alot of time, plus final projects have begun, and that means finals are not far away.

so 1 more time, explain what ya want done for me ;)

btw, if you ever want something done like this use the PM. because sometimes this gets pushed off the top 25 and i don´t see it. usually it won´t, but just incase, send me PM. or even post on here and then let me know by PM you made a post you want me to look at on the forum...lemme know in which forum and what the title is.

ok, i deleted the 4 pics off the back page like it said. so when u upload them let me know and i will move them to your folder for you.
I got four fullsized pictures in the carshowcase, just need you to put them in a folder of my own. they´re sittin there on page six as individual pictures. Thanks ;-) egtdude saw it but he couldn´t get my pics out of that other folder to put em in my folder.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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