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Size of Intake Piping

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Part of the Grassroots Motorsports article on the Protege/EscortGT caught my eye. According to David Avard, "most of the intakes sacrifice torque...besides the stock VAF is restrictive enough to limit anything you might do with intake piping."

My question then is whether there´d be any benefit to going with a slightly smaller diameter than stock for the intake pipe. Keeping the stock VAF, but a 1/4" less sized pipe might yield greater airflow speed, better filling of cylinders, etc. Don´t know if there´d be any measurable horsepower reduction at high rpms. Has anyone tried using a smaller diameter pipe in order to maximize torque over horsepower? Or anyone want to discuss the merits of such an effort?
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alright, yeh, i hate the vaf too. I adapted a new system. See, that little valve on the inside of the vaf.. air pushes it open right? Well, i took an old tb and attached the rod going throught that to the tb and had it so that it would spin the same when air pushed the tb open. i scrapped the project, cuz i got bored, but who knows, someone might try working on it again.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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