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Side Pipe

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What started out as a normal day working on the scort turned into a fit of imagination runwilditis. I was going to put a new Muffler on my car just to see how it would work out. I currently have a 22in (length) Cherry Bomb on my car, and I had an old Flowmaster laying around from an exhaust project on my friend Mustang so I thought I would give it a whirl. After I jacked up the back of the car and started panning out the mounting point I began to notice just how many bend there are in the rear portion of the exhaust. It comes straight back from the cat and turns 90 degrees to the driverside righ befor the gas tank, the another 90 back for a foot or so, the 180 degrees around the control arm, then 90 to the muffler. Mind you they are stock bends, so that makes it worse. So I figured scrap the flowmaster idea, and just hook the cherry bomb up at that first 90 degree bend infront of the gas tank, and forgo the 360+ more degrees of back and forth exhaust slolomn. So I hacked off the pipe right after the bend, took one of the now usless hangers from the rear of the car (the one screwed to where the control arms mount) and I ground the coresponding mount off of the old pie, welded the top mount (after a bit of re configuration via a big hammer and a vice) to a more suitable location, then welded the other mount to the cherry bomb itself, and voila, only 90 degrees of bending in the system, and a bitchin ass custom look. I will post pics as soon as I can if anyone is interested in checking it out. Oh and the real kicker is that some how after shortening the exhaust, and esentially putting the tip right next to my ear the car actually sounds quieter. I need to get my car to the trak to see if this had any substantial pay off. At the least I shave 2 lbs off, and got a sweet looking effect from it.
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