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hey everyone, I just added some new escort meet pics (ontario #1) to the showcase last night, so check them out.
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cool....to bad i wasn´t there

I like ´dros!

......and where is the pic of AleX getting pulled over?
´91 ELX 5 dr.

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Posted the pics of my car in there tonight also.
hehe, I should have pulled over to take the pic of the cop writing up the tickets, but we were all driving at the time. That sucks though. Cops in toronto are so arrogant sometimes.

The guy with the hydros was also at an auto show in toronto as well. I´ll try to post some pics once I find out what the show was called.
Tickets for what?I have been lucky so far but,if I ever do get one for my scort the t´s had better be crossed and the i´s dotted cause I´ll be that cop´s biggest pain in the a-- when we go to court.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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